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Order them here: 1 box of BlephEx tips contains 20 treatment packs (2 tips per pack) LidHygenix foam is our recommended lid cleanser to use with the BlephEx® system. LidHygenix was developed by David A. Palay MD, a practicing board-certified corneal specialist in Atlanta Georgia. (1.69oz bottles)

20 patient treatment tips packs (2 tips per pack) - $695 plus shipping

LidHygenix Foam 1/2 Case (24 Bottles) - $216 plus shipping

LidHygenix Foam Full Case (48 Bottles) - $432 plus shipping

1 box tips & 1/2 case LidHygenix Foam - $911 plus shipping

2 box tips & full case LidHygenix Foam - $1,822 plus shipping

For any other order quantities or items, please call 1-800-257-9787

*Shipping & Handling will be added during checkout*