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blephex, blepharitis procedure, blepharitis cure, blepharitis treatment, inflammatory lid disease treatment, inflammatory lid disease cure, inflammatory lid disease procedureBlephEx® proudly announces the introduction of the first and only Certification/Lid Hygienist Program. These programs are not only designed for doctors who would like a more thorough, hands-on training and patient education procedures, but more specifically, for ocular technicians to become certified in the patient education process and cleaning procedures with the BlephEx® procedure.

Having a certified technician to perform the MBE (microblepharoexfoliation) procedure, frees up the doctors time, and streamlines the process of incorporating BlephEx® into any practice. Doctors can rest assured that their patients are in good hands with technicians who have been thoroughly trained by our BlephEx® doctors and staff.

If you would like more information about our certification program, please complete and submit the form below:  

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