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BlephEx Lid Cleanser

with Manuka Honey and Dead Sea Salt

blephex foam

blephex liquid

The new BlephEx Lid Cleanser is made with all-natural ingredients including Manuka Honey from New Zealand and Dead Sea Salt from Israel. This combination of products, along with an organic surfactant does wonders against inflammatory biofilm, both at home and in the office. 

Manuka Honey has been clinically proven to have anti-Demodex properties as seen in the article from The Contact Lens Journal https://www.contactlensjournal.com/article/S1367-0484(18)30776-8/abstract. Dead Sea Salt is an excellent inhibitor of bacteria and their production of biofilm. Salt has a very high water absorption capacity thus stealing one of the main components needed for bacteria to produce biofilms. 

BlephEx Lid Cleanser is pH neutral and non-toxic. It is safe for eye contact and rinsing afterward is optional. It can be left on the eye for a smooth, soft feeling of the eyelids. It is available in a 1.7 oz foamer for patient home use, and also as a 2 oz liquid squeeze bottle for use during your BlephEx procedures. The liquid, as opposed to foam, absorbs into the BlephEx sponge tip much more quickly thus shortening your treatment time.

blephex display